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Neil Wilson


A Bit About Me

My passion is to help people improve their lives, through building strong fundamentals. What really motivated me was starting my own training journey where I started to realise all the conflicting information available. I strive to provide clear and actionable information to guide people to living fuller lives.


I played many sports as a kid but I started training in a gym at the age of 16, Quickly, I fell in love with the ability to constantly challenge and improve oneself. I have always trained with intention: be a better rugby player, look better naked, be a better windsurfer. Since then I have developed an insatiable appetite for more knowledge regarding nutrition and training. 

With thousands of hours of in person training honing my ability to coach, now it's time to help more people, Do you need some guidance?


Level 3 Personal trainer (REPS certified)

Corrective Exercise specialist (NASM)

Olympic weightlifting AEP (REPS certified)

Level 1 Precision Nutrition PN

Advanced stretching CPD (REPS certified)

Various CPD's (TRX, kettlebell etc.) (REPS Certified)

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