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Pig headed discipline and determination!

I'm currently writing this sat on a beach in Greece, I couldn't wait to share this with you though. I want to share some amazing nuggets of insight from Chet Holmes' the ultimate sales machine.

First lets clarify why I suddenly had the urge to write this, I've spent the last 7 months working 6 day weeks, 42-59 hour weeks, however I've taken a break away and stopped. So sat on the beach I was thinking back over what I've been doing and realised I have had some great ideas and opportunities that I passed up because "I don't have time". In this moment of reflection it became apparent I had let myself slip into the "busy" lifestyle. Being busy is a decision we chose based on our priorities, i had chosen simply to work as much as possible and hope that led to success. Chet Holmes has a great quote; "ideas achieve nothing, implementation makes change" Now this can be interpreted in many ways but what I took from it is dreaming grand schemes or bright ideas is worthless if no action is taken to implement them. Are all those hours of work helping move toward greater goals and achievements? Are you progressing and making change? If not what are you changing? Having just asked myself these same questions my brain started vomiting a wealth of great ideas about what I should do to get back on track. Right up until Chet brought me back in line with another great quote regarding mastery; "Not learning 4000 moves but 4 moves 1000 times" I've realised it's not about using every idea or taking every opportunity but pick the best ones and implement them fully, commit to making the lasting change. It can be as simple as stopping, putting the distractions away. Get a pen and paper and write down every idea that can change the current situation. Now prioritize them, the ones at the top of the list now need implementing. What do I need to do to make this happen? how long will it take? What will be the barriers? Make it happen, no excuses.


Building Athletic Lifestyles


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