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Ladies lift weights too!

Let's sweep a little myth out the way today.

A lot of Women fear lifting heavy weights for fear of getting 'bulky'.

'I just want a bit of muscle tone I don't want to look like Arnie'

Hormones are a huge driver of muscle growth, testosterone being the prime mover for Males, Females produce significantly less testosterone which naturally would imply less muscle growth.

It isn't actually that linear and studies have shown some women to have higher natural production of growth hormone.

The reason you don't see lots of 'bulky' women walking around is because naturally Women carry a much lower dry muscle mass.

Whether your goal is to have a more toned and muscular physique or simply to reduce your body fat. Resistance training can be one of the most efficient answers. Getting started can be the most daunting part, fear of whether people will judge what you are doing or whether you are going to hurt yourself. Don't be afraid to ask for help, moving safely is the key to consistency.

Start with the basics, Squat, deadlift, overhead press, horizontal row. Focus on the movements not the variation of whether it is barbell, dumbell, weighted vest. Which ever allows you to move well and build from there. This will evolve and you will expand upon this as you progress. Try not to get hung up on the fancy variations you might see on social media. You wouldn't be fine tuning your tyre pressure for your car if it didn't have an engine yet... Don't fear lifting heavy!


Building Athletic Lifestyles

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