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Rehab Specific Testimonials

Sue's Knee recovery (meniscus)

Sue began working with me after her previous trainer moved away. Sue had "A knee operation which was delayed by two months because of Covid which meant that my muscles had atrophied and my hip and back were out of alignment." This had led to "General lack of fitness and nervousness of the final outcome." 


We incorporated a steady process to build back the strength and function, where we always keep the intensity challenging but achievable. Sue also had this to add: "Neil takes great care in explaining exercises and is clinical in the form and execution of them - absolutely nothing gets past his eagle eye and I know that if I just went back to the gym, without his scrutiny, I would go backwards fast. He is constantly researching and learning new ways to help his clients. I could not recommend him more highly."


"1. To rehabilitate further my knee after an arthroscopy and physiotherapy to enable me to play competitive tennis.

2. To improve my shoulder posture and prevent rotator cuff injuries."


"1. I have managed to play regular tennis this year, including league matches.

2. My shoulder pain has stopped.

3. I have more confidence in my knee - Neil has, incrementally, built back the strength.

4. My core strength has improved."

Camilla's Shoulder pain reduction

Camilla began working with me to compliment her yoga classes after developing some long term discomfort between the shoulder blades. Camilla had to overcome "Nervousness about diastasis." yet "through a combination of stretches and strengthening exercises." tailored specifically to her lifestyle she made great progress. Camilla also had this to add: "I really feel you adapt exercises specifically for my body and when things aren’t working really examine what is needed to improve. So happy with the results.”


"1. Eliminate shoulder pain.

2. Get strong."


"1. Less pain between shoulders.

2. Increased glute strength and awareness.

3. Awareness of upper body positioning in exercises".

John's Back pain management

John started shortly after a diagnosis for his Lower back pain, not a good one. However determined to improve his position he looked to find a way to manage the pain and build from there. With obstacles such as "lack of motivation, lack of commitment" to overcome. John has made great progress identifying and challenging the boundaries of what he can do. He also had this to add: "Neil is a knowledgeable, true professional, who manages to correctly gauge what pushes me, but is still achievable - his style is very motivational to achieve the set goals"


Improve back pain

"Flexibility & mobility



"There have been improvements in all areas, but biggest improvement is core control"

Debbie, (Shoulder)

“I started training with Neil after a Shoulder operation and was severely lacking confidence. I now have the confidence to come and train on my own and am hugely grateful for Neil’s continued work and can only recommend him”

S.M, (knee)

"I really value our sessions and am surprised, at my advanced age, what improvements can still be made. I have never had such dramatic improvements in such a short period of time. Your approach is totally new to me and has been a revelation."

Paul, (Ankle)

“I am highly delighted with the improvement in mobility with my arthritic ankle and the additional freedom this has brought. I'm 100% happy with all aspects of our training together."

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Personal Training Testimonials

Tracy's Story (Tone up)

Tracy was already taking part in multiple boot camp classes when we started working together. She had recognized if she wanted to make bigger changes quicker she needed to get some personalised coaching. Tracy had to push past "Fear of using the equipment with all the "body builders" and confident people in the area of the gym where people know what they are doing. Also never used free weights or a squat rack."

With the right support and consistency Tracy "Built confidence to use the gym properly and constantly achieving my goals which allows me to move forward pushing myself to do more." Tracy had this to add: "Neil is a great PT, always professional and very well educated on training."


"Tone up and build muscle"


"Lost Body Fat,

Increased muscle mass,

Stronger and fitter'​"

Greg S's Story (Surfing)

"I received a massive amount of support from you over the years and greatly appreciate it. It made a significant difference to my life; the physical improvement was an obvious benefit, but your support, pragmatic advice and helping me to stay on the programme counted for a lot. The sense that I was making progress and steadily working towards a point of being able to surf well again contributed significantly to my well being. As a side note, it is interesting how well having a simple, clear goal worked. I am reaping the benefits now, able to surf, gaining paddle fitness quickly and generally feel that with the regular surfing (mostly weekends and occasionally during the week) I am making good progress both with fitness and ability."

Alex's Story (Rugby)

Alex was already playing rugby and using the gym frequently prior to us working together. This meant he was far from a beginner regarding resistance training. He had to overcome "Achilles tendinitis, lack of hip mobility and ankle stiffness". Alex said his biggest improvement so far was "leg range of motion / mobility , strength and stamina"

Alex had self evaluated and realised where the benefit of getting a coach can take some of your movements to the next level. He also had this to add "Neil is an excellent coach, he delivers information succinctly and makes (training) sessions really enjoyable. He is fully aligned with my goals and enables me to feel confident in achieving them. He is also hilarious!"


"- Increase Mobility,

  - Learn Olympic lifting techniques"


"- My overall mobility is the best it has ever been

- I have dramatically increased my running speed and stamina

- I have dropped circa 10kg since the first session last year

- I can comfortably front and back squat to ATG (Full range) depth'​"

Tilly's Story (Army Officer)

Tilly had already starting working on her fitness in order to make selection.  She had recognized if she wanted to make bigger changes quicker she needed to get some personalised coaching. Tilly had to navigate "Finding the time to be able to commit to sessions", which we achieved by finding a structure that fit into her lifestyle. Tilly said her biggest improvement was "My turns in the bleep test & My improved strength in my upper and lower body"

Having since smashed her selection and made cat 1, Tilly had this to add: "You (Neil) were always so lovely! And so knowledgeable about everything (including injures/shin splints). Always really happy to help."


"- To be able to achieve 8.7 on the bleep test."


"- Achieved 8.7+ on the bleep test

 - Achieved the requirements I need for selection (Cat 1)

 - Feel so much stronger in my upper body​"

Greg D, (Build Muscle)

“I came to Neil with the goals of building muscle and being happier with myself both of which we have achieved. Training is always clear and easy to understand focusing on progressing without overloading me with loads to work on.”

Louis, (Build Muscle)

"I am extremely pleased with the PT session - something I hadn't really thought about before this. Really enjoying the variability of the exercises as well as the prompts to ensure correct posture."

Liz, (confidence)

"Previously my confidence took a huge knock, your motivation has also helped to be comfortable in going to the gym on my own. I am continually impressed with how you have boosted my confidence in such a short time"

Lizz, (Weight loss)

"Despite you being a beastie boy I’m really happy with how it’s going. Thank you so much!"

Brad, (strength)

"Neil was great. I love detail and the reasoning behind each exercise. I have noticed a great improvement in strength and general form. very happy and have always had good communication"

Richard, (strength)

"Really happy with your training, like the attention to detail and how you encourage perfecting form over heavy weight (at first)."

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Coaching/Mentoring Testimonials


"He is always helpful, friendly and very professional. I'll always be grateful for the time he's spent educating and helping me!"

P.K, (Personal trainer)

"The ability to attune and hone your skills has helped me gain clarity over my goals and how to implement steps to building upon an ever changing goal. It’s like you hear the resistance towards the challenging parts and then change it in a way that makes it less of an effort to do"

J.G, (Personal trainer)

“Neil you're an absolute star, thank you so much!! This definitely helps."

Average Feedback scores:
Data from 07/2018 - 11/2023

Session Enjoyment: 9.90/10                              Progress satisfaction: 9.33/10                    Likelihood to recommend: 10/10


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